NCUK International Year One

The new way to get your UK university degreeA Bachelors degree can give you a world-class education, with the knowledge, skills and experience to give you a real advantage in your future career. The NCUK International Year One qualification  offers you a new way to achieve a first-rate undergraduate degree in UK and Worldwide.Advanced access to the 2nd year of university-guaranteedOn the International Year One, you will study a relevant  and carefully designed syllabus, academically equivalent to the first year of a degree course.Then, on passing the first year, your qualification will allow you to join the second year of an undergraduate degree course at a UK or international university of your choice.. A university degree closer to home. There are many reasons why you may wish to graduate from a UK university but take part of your studies closer to home. Taking the Year One qualification allows you to do exactly this: studying locally for an extra year to gain university credits, then transferring to a full degree in the UK.. Gain the confidence to live and study overseas. You will study your qualification in the friendly small-class environment of one of our approved Study Centres.Offering ongoing personal support, we will introduce you to the teaching styles you can expect at a UK university and you will gain essential cultural knowledge and skillsto make your time abroad easier  and more enjoyable. This experience will make you feel completely prepared to complete your degree course at your chosen university.. Successfully apply to leading universities. The NCUK International Year One qualification has seen hundreds of students, just like you, successfully placed into the second year of undergraduate degrees at leading universities in the UK and other destinations. NCUK will support you throughout the application process, with a guarantee of at least two conditional offers ( and a guaranteed place when you pass). This International Year One qualification gives you access to Year 2 of a Bachelor's degree at UK universities including University of Manchester, University of Birmingham, University of Sheffield and University of Leeds.